Dr. Daisy A. Ayim is a talented cosmetic surgeon with an aesthetic eye and has over ten years of experience in private practice with a keen perspective on beauty and health. Dr. Daisy A. Ayim is a fellowship-trained Cosmetic Surgeon by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Ayim has always been focused, academically sound, and driven to excel in her craft. She has garnered the love from her patients over the course of over a decade to provide superb care and enhanced their desire for aesthetic surgery. Haute Beauty sits down with Dr. Ayim to talk about skin tightening procedures to tighten up the body.

HB: What treatment options do you offer for skin tightening on the body?

Skin tightening is a desired goal with aging due to decrease collagen and elastin. Clients aim to restore youthful appearance and healthy skin. We offer radiofrequency energy technology with bodytite and morpheus8 for superior skin tightening. These innovative devices work so well and a must in anyone’s skin tightening solution.

HB: What is the difference between the treatments?

Both devices use radiofrequency energy or heat energy to stimulate skin tightening. However, each product approach is different with a focus on either external or internal access point. Bodytite has a dual energy sensor probe. The internal probe works at the subdermal and subcutaneous layer to melt fat and contract the skin. It also has an external probe to monitor temperature which is an excellent safety mechanism to achieve great results. Morpheus8 works from external skin with penetrating depth settings that depends on which area of the body or face being treated. The beauty is both bodytite and morpheus8 can be used together or separately.

HB: Who is the best candidate for each of the different types of skin tightening treatments you offer?

Everyone is a candidate for skin tightening and glowing appearance. Honestly, who doesn’t want to look or feel better with minimal or no downtime at all using elite technology. Certain circumstances like postpartum, aging, weight loss or gain are good reasons to consider either morpheus8 or Bodytite if one is considering minimally invasive, safe and effective solution. It is always best to consult your cosmetic surgeon for guidance.

HB: Do you have a preferred method?

I love both bodytite and morpheus8 wholeheartedly and the results are impeccable. I always emphasize good nutrition, exercise and good skin care products as a comprehensive approach to have sustainable results.

HB: What is the cost for each?

The cost of bodytite depends on area of treatment while morpheus8 is purchase as a package or individually. This is address during your complimentary consultation visit.

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