Abdominoplasty(Abdominoplasty) The most effective way to improve the appearance of significantly loose skin in the abdominal area is with Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). There are a variety of approaches to accomplish the Abdominoplasty. The Lipoabdominoplasty approach offers the best contouring and lesser downtime. This procedure involves liposuction of abdomen, waist and hips areas, followed by the removal of excessive skin following the natural curvature. This kind of procedure can be used to correct conditions such as Diastasis Recti, commonly seen in women after pregnancy. Lipoabdominoplasty generally does not involve drains, or post-operative care and is offers a more gentle quicker recovery-time, compared to the traditional tummy tuck. You will be required to wear a garment up to six weeks to facilitate healing.

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