Facelift surgery or “Rhytidectomy” is an artistry used to reverse aging of neck, jawline, lower and mid-face, restoring a youthful aesthetically pleasing appearance. A facelift can be performed in a variety of ways, ultimately resulting in the tightening of the skin, adjunct to procedures like eyelid surgery or facial skin rejuvenation services may be combined. For example, fat transfer, dermal filler, chemical peel, microneedling or laser therapy are performed to either replace the volume in the mid face that time has taken away or restore healthy skin.

Mini Facelift

A Mini Facelift is for someone who has experienced more minor skin changes such as sagging and deep wrinkling desiring less invasive approach. It targets cheeks and jowls with faster recovery. The surgery length is about 2-3 hours long with small incision near ears. This is not good for muscle laxity. Postoperative care is associated with less bleeding, less soft tissue injury, some bruising in first week, suture comes out in about a week, and most are back to normal activity in two weeks. This procedure is synonymous with the “Weekend Facelift”, “QuickLift”, “S Lift”, or “Lifestyle Lift”.

Mid Facelift

The Mid Facelift starts from the lower eyelids along the nasolabial folds to the corners of the lip, forming an inverted triangle. This particular area quickly shows signs of aging with less anterior projection due to volume loss from bony skeleton and soft tissue. This lift is minimally invasive and is performed with minimal incision to elevate the droopy cheek tissue over the cheekbone, restoring a more prominent youthful contour. The Mid facelift focuses on the central portion of face, thus if there is neck laxity a full face lift (lower face and neck lift) is recommended. This technique softens the cheek fold, improves the tear trough and bagginess of the lower lids. Alternatively, fillers can be used to temporarily restore volume to the midface, often referred to as a “Liquid Facelift”.

Lower Facelift

The Lower Facelift is the most common facelift procedure among those undergoing facelifts. It focuses on sagging jowls, skin laxity of the neck and jawline, reduces deep wrinkles, and restores the angles of the mouth to normal architecture, resulting in a happier looking face. An aging face generally involves the neck, thus it is customary to perform neck lift along with lower face for optimal results. However, a lower facelift can be done without neck procedure. The best desired outcome is achieved by tailoring surgical approach whether incorporating liposuction of the neck and/or tightening of platysma muscle with facelift to harmonize the face-neck complex.

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