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Menopause concept of woman holding blooming flower isolated on purpleIf you’re regularly experiencing hot flashes or the various other signs of menopause, you may be suspecting that you’re about to experience this blissful life transition. Embrace this new phase in your life with expert help for the symptoms of menopause in Houston.

What Is Menopause?

As women age, the body goes through a blissful transition called menopause, the end of their menstrual and reproductive cycles. Women usually start seeing signs of this transition at around 51 years old, the most common being when they reach 48 to 55 years old.

Menopause is often looked at as a taboo subject in modern culture. However, there’s no need for the cultural taboos surrounding menopause and the natural aging process. Embracing this transition and developing a pro-aging perspective helps reduce stress, anxiety, and self-consciousness. Rather than resisting the change, it’s best to welcome it with open arms!

Causes of Menopause

Every woman experiences menopause due to hormonal changes. This transition usually happens with a decrease in the number of egg cells that women have in their ovaries.

As you reach your 30s, your body will start producing less progesterone and estrogen, which can affect menstruation and fertility. As you approach your 40s, you will have changes in your menstruation, wherein periods may be lighter or heavier, shorter or longer, until they stop completely.

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Symptoms of Menopause

The most common sign of this change for women is hot flashes, during which you may sweat, feel your heart racing, and blush. Other symptoms include sore breasts, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, missed periods, emotional changes, frequent need to pee, and dry eyes, skin, or mouth.

In some cases, women may also experience depression, fatigue, headaches, and weight gain. Others may experience muscle and joint pains, crankiness, changes in sex drive, and hair loss.

Diagnosing Menopause

If you have seen some signs of your blissful transition, it will help to monitor your menstruation more closely, especially when it starts getting uneven. You should also keep track of hot flashes and irregular periods. This will help the medical staff identify patterns that may determine whether you are perimenopausal.

Women do not usually require tests to diagnose this process. However, some cases may call for a few tests to check your thyroid-stimulating hormones, follicle-stimulating hormones, and estrogen levels. Less TSH may cause signs similar to perimenopausal symptoms, while decreased FSH and estrogen levels signify the blissful transition.

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Treatment Options

We can provide a number of solutions for relief of the signs and symptoms of menopause. This can include estrogen therapy to relieve hot flashes, starting with the lowest dose and the quickest time frame. This treatment also prevents bone loss. Estrogen may also be administered to the vagina as a cream to address vaginal dryness, urinary problems, and pain during sex.

Some women may get low-dose antidepressants to reduce hot flashes. These are a good alternative for women who cannot take estrogen for medical reasons or who are battling a mood disorder simultaneously.

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