Brow lift or Browpexy Houston

In general, a youthful eyebrow rests above the orbital rim with gradual arch laterally. The lateral end or “brow tail” is located higher than the medial, creating a feminine look. However, men tend to be more horizontally positioned. Brow lift refers to any procedure that lifts the eyebrows and may include a forehead lift to reverse the effects of gravity. The goal is to restore a more youthful contour to your eyebrows, upper lids, and upper third of your face.

There are various brow lift methods which your cosmetic surgeon will discuss with you.. Browpexy is one innovative technique based on the approach that anchors the underlying brow soft tissue to the bone for stabilization. The Browpexy is done through an upper lid (BUL), which means it can be done simultaneously with an upper eyelid surgery using same incision site. A Browpexy will return your brow to an anatomical, aesthetically- appealing location on the upper face. Browpexy provides an excellent outcome without a traditional coronal, scalp, or forehead incision.

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