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Get To Know Body Expert Dr. Daisy Ayim

My greatest achievement: Constantly pursuing the best version of myself whether personally or professionally with kindness and calmness as core to all my milestones both short and long term. My driven mindset to live a passionate life and give my craft the best version of myself resonates with clients or anyone that interacts with me. […]

Get To Know Body Expert Dr. Daisy Ayim

Ten Women Cosmetic Surgeons Comment on Their Cosmetic Fellowship Experiences

A Thigh Lift Can Reduce Loose Skin for Better-Looking Thighs

“Thighplasty” or a thigh lift is a surgical procedure that successfully removes excess skin from the area of the inner thigh. It is a common procedure and offers a solution to patients who have lost a vast amount of weight and have loose, sagging skin in the inner thigh area of their bodies. While the […]