Eyelift (Blepharoplasty) Houston

Eyelift (Blepharoplasty)Blepharoplasty is an eyelid cosmetic procedure performed to restore a youthful appearance to your eyes. It can improve the puffiness, bagginess, and sagging skin in the lower eyelids and remove loose skin on the upper lid. It’s also an effective approach to enhance sight in those who might suffer from vision impairment due to sagging upper eyelids.

Eyelift surgery can be performed using a variety of approaches, including laser resurfacing and filler injections. However, it will not eliminate dark circles under the eyes, crow’s feet, or other facial wrinkles. The skin gradually loses elasticity with aging and with the additional pull of gravity causes excessive skin to lag on both upper and lower eyelids.

Who is ideal candidate for eyelift?

Most are 35 years or older but if baggy eyelids are common in your family, you may decide to have surgery sooner. Eyelid surgery can enhance your appearance and a boost of confidence. However, it is possible it may not be your ideal look or alter your facial structure. It is always good idea to think about your goals for surgery and discuss with cosmetic surgeon.

How is Eyelid surgery done?

An eyelift general takes an hour for either upper or lower eyelids. Local anesthesia (a painkiller injected around the eye) with oral sedation is usually used. The excess skin is cut and removed along your natural eyelids lines. Those cuts are closed with very small stitches that removed within a week. Sometimes the lower eyelid cut is through the inside of the lid which does not require suturing.

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