Microneedling Houston

MicroneedlingOur multi-purpose treatment which is a minimally invasive solution to improve the look of scars, boost collagen, encourage hair growth is customized to your need. Microneedling is the insertion of very fine, short needles into the skin to rejuvenate the face. The microneedling device used creates punctures that are tiny pin-pricks which enter superficially to the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin growth long term but immediate results create a plump look which can be pink and luminous for a couple of weeks.

The microneedling device often contains solution such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) or other solvent to give optimal outcome. On a short-term basis, it plumps the skin and makes the skin look more radiant from inflammation and very superficial swelling. Dr. Daisy Ayim recommends pairing microneedling with topical preparations and/or facial therapy to maximize long term benefit.