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BioTE is a hormone treatment that is meant to address hormone imbalance. It returns the body’s hormone levels to their normal state. This is beneficial for managing the patient’s mood, weight, and overall health for optimum bodily functions. Patients who want to learn more about BioTE in Houston can consult with Dr. Daisy Ayim.

What Is BioTE?

A BioTE treatment involves the use of small cylindrical pellets that provide hormone replacement. This treatment helps with hormone imbalance by introducing more estrogen or testosterone into the bloodstream. These new hormones are bioidentical to the ones naturally found in the body

How Does BioTE Work?

BioTE treatments involve placing pellets under the skin to introduce new hormones into the body. These implants will then slowly release their stored hormones into the bloodstream over a period of several months. Through a carefully controlled process of calculating the hormones needed, the hormone levels are gradually brought back to healthy levels.

Am I a Good Candidate for BioTE?

Patients showing severe menopausal symptoms can benefit from a BioTE treatment, as can patients who have osteoporosis or colon cancer in their family history. Patients who underwent surgery or medical treatments such as chemotherapy would also be ideal for this treatment.

Candidates who are not ideal for BioTE treatment include those who only have mild cases of menopausal symptoms. Patients who have a family history of heart disease or are currently suffering from health conditions like breast cancer or liver disease are also not ideal candidates.

Your BioTE Consultation

During a BioTE consultation, patients will be asked questions regarding their current health status and their family’s medical history. Details about prescription medications and supplements will also be brought up to determine if there are potential complications with the treatment.

If Dr. Ayim determines that the patient is qualified for a BioTE treatment, they are then taken through the steps involved. Details like aftercare, possible side-effects, and expectations will be explained at this time.

Your BioTE Session

The first step in BioTE treatment is hormone testing. This will measure hormone levels, which will then help determine the degree of hormone replacement the patient needs. Once the calculations are done, the pellets are then inserted under the patient’s skin, typically at the upper buttocks.

These pellets will release the needed hormones slowly but consistently over a predetermined period of time. This can be between 3 and 6 months, depending on the level of hormone replacement that is needed.

BioTE Aftercare

Since BioTE is minimally invasive, patients can walk right out of the facility once the treatment is done without any need for recovery time. During the period of the hormones’ scheduled release, patients will be advised to exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, and avoid smoking as much as possible.

Patients will also be asked to keep track of their body’s reaction to the treatment. Any unusual development needs to be reported to Dr. Ayim right away.

How Much Does BioTE Cost?

The cost of BioTE can be affected by a variety of factors that can include the type of hormones that need replacing, the duration of the treatment, and the amount of hormones that need replacing. The patient’s health can play a role in determining the price of the treatment, as well.

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To learn more about BioTE treatment in Houston, please contact Dr. Daisy Ayim. Any concerns regarding the treatment can be answered, and clarifications can be provided.