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Labia AugmentationLabia augmentation in Houston is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the shape of the labia majora (outer lips of vagina) either using dermal fillers or fat. Fat grafting is harvested from another body area commonly abdomen or inner thigh. The fat is injected into the labia majora to rejuvenate and plump the area. Just like lips or face, dermal fillers are injected into the labia majora to temporarily build volume.

What Is Labia Augmentation?

Labia augmentation is also referred to as labia puffing or labia enhancement and may be combined with other procedures like labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation. Labia augmentation is performed under local anesthesia in an office setting or outpatient surgical facility.

Labia Augmentation Benefits

  • relatively safe
  • efficient technique
  • No downtime
  • Natural results
  • high patient satisfaction rate

Ideal Candidates for Labia Augmentation

The ideal candidates for labia augmentation are patients who are at least 18 years of age, are in overall good health, and are unsatisfied with their labia majora’s current size and/or shape.

Discomfort from having an irregularly sized labia that becomes a source of distraction during physical activities is also an ideal reason to consider labia augmentation.

Patients must have realistic expectations for the procedure. Individuals seeking treatment for a low sex drive may not be recommended for this procedure.

Your Labia Augmentation Consultation

The consultation for labia augmentation will include discussing the patient’s concerns and goals to determine the best treatment approach.

The consultation will be confidential due to the intimate nature of the subject, and a physical examination will be performed by Dr. Daisy Ayim to assess the state of the labia majora. All inquiries will be addressed, and it is recommended to ask them during this period.

The Procedure

The labia augmentation procedure varies depending on the method chosen.

For fat transfer, the fat that will be inserted into the labia majora is harvested from different parts of the body where excess fat is present. Next, the harvested fat is processed and purified, then injected into the patient’s labia majora to increase volume.

For filler augmentation, the chosen filler is injected into the labia majora. Many fillers contain local anesthesia, making injection of local anesthetic beforehand unnecessary.

Labia augmentation generally only takes an hour or less, but if combined with other treatments, it can take longer. Patients are discharged almost immediately after the labia enhancement under Dr. Ayim’s instructions.

Recovery After Labia Augmentation

The recovery period will heavily rely on the patient’s natural healing ability, habits, and lifestyle after the procedure. Filler recovery is a much faster process.

The patient will receive post-treatment care directions after labia augmentation. Patients must avoid exposing the labia to high temperatures (such as hot water), wearing tight pants, and participating in activities that put pressure on the labia majora, such as cycling.

Painkillers may be prescribed to reduce any discomfort, and recovery often lasts for one to two weeks before being allowed to return to usual activities. The surgeon may advise against playing extreme sports and partaking in sexual intercourse for at least four to six weeks after the labia augmentation takes place.

Smoking can also hinder a swift recovery process due to its effects on the body, so it is best to take a break from it for the time being.

Cost of Labia Augmentation

The cost of a labia augmentation procedure varies from one patient to another due to the highly individualized treatment approach. The cost can include anesthetic and surgical fees, as well as any combination procedures done.

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