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VaginoplastyVaginoplasty in Houston, commonly referred to as “Posterior Colporrhaphy”, is the gold standard in improving laxity of the vaginal wall. It is a surgical procedure that reverses vagina laxity and essentially tightens the vagina. Vagina laxity is a common occurance in women after childbirth or weight loss.

What Is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty involves surgically removing the posterior vaginal wall tissue, tightening the vagina. This leaves the patient with a more aesthetically pleasing vagina, and has been known to enhance sexual pleasure. Another option to achieve vaginal tightening is through heating the vaginal tissues with radiofrequency or laser (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation).

Is Vaginoplasty Right for Me?

Individuals who seek to repair vaginal laxity after childbirth are ideal candidates for vaginoplasty. Patients who want to improve their quality of life and sexual function may be excellent candidates for this genital surgery.

It is vital to be in good overall health and have a positive outlook when considering vaginoplasty.

Your Vaginoplasty Consultation

The most important step in your vaginoplasty consultation is the physical examination. Dr. Daisy Ayim will evaluate the tone of your tissues and structure of your vagina. She will conduct a review of your medical history to assess any pre-existing conditions, current medications, allergies, and past procedures.

Dr. Ayim will tell you about the risks and benefits of the procedure, as well as the postsurgical care needed. Dr. Ayim will recommend that you quit smoking weeks prior to surgery. She will then develop a personalized surgical plan to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

The Procedure

You will be required to do bowel prep prior to procedure and surgery can be performed with local or general anesthesia in a surgical facility. Posterior vaginal wall tissue is carefully and precisely removed.

Post-operative care

  • Downtime 1-2 weeks
  • No intercourse up to 8 weeks
  • Nothing inside the vagina
  • No tampons or douching
  • Showers only
  • No soaking in bathtub, pool, hot tub
  • No swimming
  • Vaginal cream may be necessary

You may experience pain, swelling, and bruising for a few days. Expect to have vaginal discharge for a few weeks. Over-the-counter pain medications may be taken to alleviate the discomfort. Applying ice packs on the treated area can help to lessen swelling.

Cost of Vaginoplasty

The cost of a vaginoplasty procedure varies from patient to patient due to Dr. Ayim’s client-centered approach. The overall price will include the anesthetic and surgical fees, which will reflect the complexity of the procedure and techniques used.

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