International Clients

Dr. Daisy Ayim has garnered a prestigious reputation from patients who in turn refer family and friends to our practice from all over the world.

Our office understands the complexity of patients flying in for service and we are ready to assist you with those needs. We want to make your experience as smooth as possible. Our practice can suggest hotel accommodations, private duty nurses, transportation services and/or entertainment attractions in Houston.

Did you know Houston is the #1 city in the US with the most diverse languages spoken? We are proud of our international conglomerate image and prepared to give you concierge service.

Cosmetic Patients

Dr. Ayim is available for long distance consultation. Send us an email or call to discuss the service you are requesting. Our office will make the necessary arrangements for a meaningful virtual consult.

Dr. Ayim recommends arrival at least one day prior to cosmetic surgery requiring anesthesia for safety reasons and to minimize risk of blood clot.

Dr. Ayim has to meet the adult responsible for your care and transportation before cosmetic procedure can proceed. Below is the minimum required stay in town after surgery.

Breast Augmentation 7 Days
Breast Lift 10 Days
Facial Injections Same day (most cases)
Facelift 10 Days
Liposuction 5 Days
Abdominoplasty /Tummy Tuck 10 Days
Labiaplasty 2 Days

After the consultation Dr. Ayim, you will the chance to review the plan with our surgical coordinator who will provide surgical fees, scheduling details, discuss accommodation or private duty nursing care if needed.

Obstetrics Patients

Our practice request obstetric medical records faxed to the office prior to arrival or at minimum present the day of your initial appointment. Our pricing package is inclusive for all appointments before and after delivery, delivery, sonogram(s), Labs (routine). All complicated pregnancy will need MFM consult and/or other services non-inclusive. Hospital and Anesthesia charges are separate.

Vaginal Birth 6 weeks
C-section 8 weeks
Minor Gynecologic surgery 2-7 days
Major Gynecologic surgery 4 weeks

** The above is assuming uncomplicated or routine delivery and normal postpartum or postoperative care.