“Thighplasty” or a thigh lift is a surgical procedure that successfully removes excess skin from the area of the inner thigh. It is a common procedure and offers a solution to patients who have lost a vast amount of weight and have loose, sagging skin in the inner thigh area of their bodies.

While the procedure does firm up the loose skin in the region of the inner thigh, it may leave a scar, but this disappears. If there is more loose skin to eliminate, scars will be longer, and vice versa.

Patients of practically any age are eligible to undergo this procedure. After taking a detailed case history of your health and any medication you are currently on, the surgeon will explain how the surgery is done.

Reshaping the thighs is the essence of any great thigh lift procedure – the result is smooth and shapely skin, with better contours for the thigh and lower body region. A toned look is what you’ll get and results will show almost instantly.

Most surgeries are done under general anesthesia. Incisions made depend on the region or regions to be worked on. The degree or extent of correction is also a factor that the surgeon will consider.

There are various techniques used – one common one involves incisions in the groin, which extend in a downward direction, going around behind the thigh area. Another method may be to remove excess skin from the groin area right down to where the knee starts, making an incision along the path of the inseam.

You could also be eligible for an incision in the groin area only – this is the most minimal in thigh lift surgery. Similarly, incisions may be placed along the outer thigh area if required. A smoother, more shapely thigh is always the best result, though you may have some initial scarring or bruising. This is normal and fades fast.