Office Gynecology Procedure Houston


A procedure performed when your pap smear results is abnormal using a magnifying instrument called colposcope to visualize your cervix and vagina. This allow the doctor to identify any area of concern and performed cervical biopsy or endocervical curettage (ECC) as necessary. The specimen is send to pathology to analyze and provide results. This procedure is quick and no downtime.


This procedure is commonly performed when abnormal tissue or growth is seen on vulvar, vagina, cervix, and/or uterus. Depending on the location, our doctor uses appropriate instrument(s) to remove this abnormality and send specimen to pathologist for further evaluation. Treatment is base upon the results obtained.

Endometrial Biopsy

A procedure performed to diagnose pathology of uterus that may cause heavy bleeding, irregular, abnormal, or prolonged bleeding. A small, flexible pipelle is used to obtain cells that lined the uterus.  The specimen is send to pathology for evaluation. This procedure is quick and no downtime.


It is a permanent birth control method that works with your body to prevent pregnancy. Essure requires no surgery, no hormone, no anesthesia, and is worry-free.  This procedure uses a small flexible insert that easily slide into each fallopian tube and provides blockage over the next three 3 months. During that time, you will need to continue using another form of contraception and obtain a confirmation at the end.   The procedure done in our office is quick, rapid recovery on same, and women love it.


A procedure done to visualize the uterine cavity using a camera light source called hysteroscope. It is small instrument that is inserted through the cervix to help identify any problems of the uterus lining such as polyp, fibroid. The ports of hysteroscope instrument allows our doctor to remove or resect any tissue that may be necessary at the same time. Hysteroscopy can be done in our office or outpatient surgery center and recovery is rapid with little to no downtime.


Implanon is a flexible rod, about the size of a matchstick, that is placed under the skin of your inner, upper, non-dominant arm by our doctor. It contains etonogestrel hormone but no estrogen. The procedure is quick, no downtime, and non-visible after insertion but you can feel it by pressing gently on your skin where it was inserted.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

A method of long term contraception that requires insertion of device either Mirena or Copper inside the uterus which prevents pregnancy. The choice is yours of either mirena ( hormone based) or copper ( non-hormone).  It is fast and no downtime.

Loop Electrosurgical Procedure (LEEP)

A procedure performed after the pap smear and colposcopy with biopsy shows continual abnormal cells. It uses thin wire loop connected to a device that provides energy allowing the doctor to remove abnormal cells, a process called conization. This procedure is painless performed in our office or as outpatient surgery center. Recovery is quick with normal activity in 1-2 days but refrain from intercourse for 4-6 weeks or as determined our doctor.


A endometrial (uterine) ablation procedure done for heavy, prolonged, irregular, and/or abnormal bleeding disorder. This procedure requires using a device that removes the lining of uterus in 90 seconds to correct your bleeding problem. It requires no general anesthesia and can be done in our office or outpatient surgery center. Novasure is appropriate for women who are finished having children and has a quick recovery, mininal downtime of 1-2 days, and high success rate.

Permanent Sterilization

This office based procedure done to permanently prevent pregnancy is surgery-free, anesthesia-free, fast, and quick recovery. It requires no downtime and minimal medication prior to procedure. The ESSURE or Adiana device is used to block the tube and requires three months to complete the process. Each method requires an alternative contraception while the healing is occuring and confirmation test known at hysterosalpingogram (HSG) at the end. Our doctor performs this procedure and women seek this option.


A procedure done to remove polyp on vagina, cervix, and/or uterus. This requires using appropriate instrument and generally painless although local anesthetic can be used. The specimen is send to pathologist for evaluation. It is fast, simple, and no downtime.


Our office performs sonogram or ultrasound to evaluate gynecologic anatomy as determine by the doctor using state of the art equipment. Our doctor immediately interprets the findings which is extremely convenient and hassle-free for our patients.

Uterine Ablation

This procedure also called endometrial ablation is done to remove the lining of uterus using different techniques such as Novasure, Thermachoice, HerOption, or Hydrothermal ablation (HTA). The indication is to address menstrual abnormalities like heavy bleeding.