Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting) Houston

Fat grafting or transfer is harvested from other body areas commonly abdomen, processed, and reinjected into volume depleted body areas. The advantage of fat transfer is to improve features naturally and can be used to address labia majora or other body irregularities.

Fat transfer is relatively safe with less risk of allergic reactions or rejections since it is your own fat. Our body’s fatty tissue contains an abundance of powerful stem cells which make it ideal vaginal rejuvenation filler and natural body filler. Stems cells are naturally occurring cells that self-renew and have a unique ability to transform themselves into specialized cell types in any area injected. As such, fat transfer to the labia majora rejuvenates the skin and the stem cells work by releasing growth factors that enhance tissue healing, induce the growth of new blood vessels, improve texture and appearance of skin, and improve hollow areas of labia. It plumps the labia majora restoring the youthful appearance.

The stem cell fat transfer procedure is completely customized based on your own individual aging process and aesthetically grafted to give you natural glow. There is little or no downtime and long term results are satisfying.